Five ways to bolster prosperity and peace in your home office

Five ways to bolster prosperity and peace in your home office

Is work from home temporary ... or a movement? If you’re anything like me you’re beginning to curiously toss around the notion that #wfh might just be the new norm. We’re helping clients remotely to organize and style out their home office spaces. No matter how small, each desk space deserves its own shining vibe.

Take a peek at our suggestions on how to create a peaceful office and work experience. Whether you have a dedicated room or simply want to carve out a nook these items can help you channel all those ideas swimming in your head into something tangible. History shows that many valuable businesses are born in times of struggle, so go on! Get your groove on :)

1. Keep It Clean

Studies have proven we are less inclined to waste time in a de-cluttered space and also less stressed. Why is that? Our mess can result in trying to focus on too many things at once, therefore heightening stress levels. Similar to how a clean home makes people feel better, a tidy working environment can lead to a happier you! How cool is that? These cute wall organizers are a good start to clearing off those piles on your desk.

2. Wall Art

Feeling inspired can supercharge your brain. Right now we’re leaning into lots nature + travel art to help us feel grounded and keep our creative spirits feeling boundless. Homeplistic offers tons of variety which you can view here.

Blushing Blooms Canvas Prints - Homeplistic
Getaway Canvas Prints - Homeplistic

3. Living Things

Did you know living plants increase productivity? Studies show that 70% greater attentiveness happens when you introduce plants into your environment. Schools have even shown higher attendance when plants are present in a classroom, love this! Start small by adding an indoor plant to a basket. They are easy to care for and don’t need to be replanted. Just stick the planter directly into a basket - easy peasy!

4. Cozy Accessories

Bring in a cozy blanket or pillow to make your desk space a place you want to linger with a warm cup of tea. These sheepskin rugs are perfect to warm up your seat while sitting at your desk. Style them over your office chair or as a cozy rug with added texture!

5. Make It Personal :)

We talk about this a lot. I mean this really is the foundation of any good design and feeling authentic in your own space, no matter the trends. Being unique encourages personal growth and well being and allows our minds to expand while feeling free and true to your own self. For me, I keep The Five Minute Journal on my desk so before I begin work I take five minutes to reflect on what I’m thankful for. Perhaps it could be a photo or image of somewhere you’ve been or want to go or a picture of family and friends that you’re unable to see in person now. Color is also extremely personal so take notice of what colors make you feel calm and happy :)

And as a bonus, don’t forget to carve out some down time amidst all that planning and creating time. Just a little self-care will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals!  

Here’s to living our best life!

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With many of us now working from home, some for the first time, it’s important to create a space that inspires you daily. Terra shared some great tips on how to style out a beautiful home office that can be even more productive than your office desk. (yes, we’re serious!) This haven of a space can alleviate stress and who knows, it could be where the next BIG idea is born plus feels like home.

For more inspiration, follow @terrasolinteriors where they help local San Diego individuals and corporations create beautiful office spaces that inspire and motivate.