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Decor Hacks for Small Space Living

Making a brand-new space feel like home is no easy feat, especially when there’s less-than-ideal square footage to work with. As a student about to move into my third New York City apartment, I’m all about throwing as much personality into my space as possible, while also making it look as large as possible-- and doing it all within a tight budget! It’s certainly a tough balance to strike, but I’ve learned a few game-changing tips along the way that have made my close quarters into a functional, cozy den I’ve loved spending time in. Your small space has big potential, and I hope my below decor hacks can help you explore all the possibilities your new home has to offer!

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1. Make Use of Your Vertical Space.

Small space, high ceilings? Use that height to your advantage! Displaying artwork and posters high on the walls leads the eye along with them, naturally opening up your space while adding touches of personal flair. For your leftover wall space, hooks like these from Homeplistic are a must. Whether you use them as a floating coat rack by your entryway or purse display by your closet, simple hooks are the perfect way to showcase your favorite daily essentials while keeping them from cluttering up your cozy den.


Floating Figures Canvas Prints

2. Hang Anything You Can--From the Ceiling!

Bring more dimension into your home and free up some tabletop space with hanging displays and organizers! Obsessed with plants but have little surface area on which to display them? Use a collection of hanging planters like these by your window for a floating garden of gorgeous greenery. Beautiful wall decor leaving little room to display your favorite trinkets? Hanging shelves are the perfect solution! Not only do these hanging decor pieces lift various and sundry items off of your tabletops, they bring a unique element of visual interest that gives a small, simple space a more airy and dynamic feel.


Image from My Scandinavian Home
Image from Decor Demon

Note: Make sure you don’t install a hanging decor piece too close to a light fixture or network of pipes. If you’re not sure whether you’re hanging your items safely, consult a professional.


3. Keep Your Space Breathable.

Speaking of airy, one of the most crucial ways to create the illusion of a larger space is to design it with pieces that allow as much airflow as possible. Avoid too much clunky furniture such as bed frames, couches, and coffee tables that sit flat on the floor. The lack of visibility under these pieces shrinks your field of vision to only the areas around your furniture.

Image from Home Designing
Image from A Cup of Jo
Image from NHeC Blog


Instead, try to select as much furniture as possible that is propped up with legs, a subtle detail that yields the not-so-subtle result of a space that feels larger than the parameters of its square footage. This hack applies to decor pieces as well, like wall hangings or vases like this one! The more your decor encourages airflow, the more of your space there is visible to the eye.

4. Baskets, Baskets, Baskets!

I consider myself a relatively organized person, but there are always those little things I can never seem to find a home for! In comes my home decor hero: baskets.

Stylish baskets serve as both a decorative and functional catch-all for the random pieces you might otherwise be stuck on what to do with. I’ve loved using baskets to store extra toiletries in the bathroom, sponges and cleaning supplies by the kitchen, or linens and blankets in the bedroom. With your pesky knick-knacks tucked away in a basket or two, your small space will feel as fresh and clutter-free as ever.

5. Embrace Versatility.

To keep a space feeling open and inviting, I like to design with select decor pieces that serve multiple purposes.


A faux white sheepskin rug, for instance, keeps me warm as I hop out of bed in the morning, is a cozy throw over my office chair as I work during the day, and adds some warm texture to my couch as I wind down with a book in the evening. See Homeplistic's sheepskin rug styling blog post for more inspiration!

Image from @lizzydesigns_

Another decor piece I love is a decorative tray! I keep mine on my coffee table to hold small trinkets, but I also use it as a flat surface on my couch to hold snacks or as a serving dish for small bites at dinner.

Selecting just a few versatile decor pieces for everyday use ensures your space is free of clutter but still full with personality!


Image from @naylasmith
Image by Sabrina Romviel


As long as you’re not afraid to get a little creative, the possibilities for making the best out of your small space are endless! Get a head start on implementing my above tips and tricks in your home by shopping our Small Spaces collection. Use code smallspaceliving for 15% off of the entire collection, including the essentials listed above!

Happy decorating!