DIY Sharpie Shiplap - Closet Refresh

DIY Sharpie Shiplap - Closet Refresh

Do you have a closet which is the “catch all” closet? The one closet you’ve been meaning to organize, but haven’t had the time to? Me, too.

I kept seeing shiplap ideas online and imagined how good it would look in a closet. Low and behold, the catch all closet was the best guinea pig for this project! And it’s located in one of our guest rooms so it will be perfect for any upcoming guests.  

I cleared out the closet, gave the walls some love with a magic eraser to get rid of a few scuffs, removed the shelves, and it was time to start the sharpie shiplap project!

Note: If your closet wall isn’t white, it’s best to paint the closet beforehand with white paint for a better effect. Bright white paint contrasts so well with the sharpie marker. If painting first, please allow paint to dry at least 24 hours before starting the project.  

First, each horizontal line on the wall will be five inches apart to look like shiplap. Grab your measuring stick and pencil and start making small marks every five inches down starting from the ceiling (left side of the wall) to the floor. Repeat this process on the right side of the wall starting with the ceiling and working your way down to the floor. If you would like an added guide to make sure the lines are straight, you can make additional marks in between the left and right side. For my closet, which measured 54 inches I made marks that were 24 inches apart.

Note: The sharpie Shiplap process works best by drawing horizontal lines from left to right, starting from the top of the wall below the ceiling to the floor. You may need to use a stool if you have really high ceilings.

Second, once the marks are complete, take the cap off of a sharpie marker and press the tip several times against a paper towel to allow the paint to come to the surface. Then, recap the marker and give it a good shake for the paint to mix. After that, the marker is good to go!

Third, using the measuring stick (or a leveler if you have one), draw a horizontal line with the sharpie from left to right making sure the line aligns with the original left mark and right mark. Then, slide the measuring stick to the right side of the wall to continue drawing the line to the end of the wall (left to right). After you complete the first line, start to draw a horizontal line below the line where the second mark is located (left to right). Repeat this for the remaining lines.  

Note: The lines may overlap, but this is completely okay, this is what will make it look like authentic shiplap rather than straight lines.

Here is the finished space! I added some baskets, pillows, and greenery to make it more cozy. This closet has never looked this good and I’m thrilled with the result. No more embarrassing, hot mess closet!  

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